Wanderlust Wednesday: El Camino Real

“BBQ & Mexican food – what an incredible combo.”


Located at 1040 N. 2nd Street in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia is this phenomenal Mexican/Texas BBQ restaurant called El Camino Real. I have had just about everything from this menu, and now I can say I’ve been there for brunch!

They offer BBQ, they offer Mexican, they even offer a combination of both! Think: pulled pork in a quesadilla (ie: “Pulled Pork-a-Dilla”). It’s a combination sent from above. Image result for praise emoji

For this particular post, I visited El Camino on a Sunday morning for brunch while my family was visiting. Thus, I have a few plates to share – and boy, were they delicious.

First and most importantly, my meal. LMAO. No but really, we’re starting with me. I got the brown sugar french toast, with bananas and sweet cream. This was so good. It was a large portion and filled me up, but did not overdo it.


My mom also got the same plate – and totally enjoyed it.

My fiance went a little more “classic brunch” and got the huevos rancheros. This dish is topped with a fried egg, cheddar, scallions, and “crema” sauce. He loved it! Our expectations were definitely exceeded once we began to dig in.


My dad was probably the most venturous of all and ordered sausage gravy over sausage and biscuits, eggs, and potato hash. And tbh, this looked the best OF ALL. So savory and delicious. He cleaned the entire plate.


So that was our brunch! I would certainly return to this location – it was a hit with my family. On another note, prices are also reasonable. If you’re willing to do some brunchy boozin’ that option is also available with Bloody Mary’s and margaritas!

El Camino is well-rounded and should receive praise for being that way.


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Wanderlust Wednesday: Misconduct Tavern

“My favorite dish here is the mac-n-cheese but sadly I did not get it this time around. There’s always a next time.”

Has anyone missed Wanderlust Wednesdays?! It’s been a minute – but your favorite Philly food lover is back in action! ❤

This week’s restaurant feature surrounds Misconduct Tavern in Center City, Philadelphia. There are two locations:

  • 1511 Locust St.
  • 1801 John F Kennedy Boulevard

We went to 1511 Locust St. (Rittenhouse location), but I have been to the one at 18th and JFK also! There really isn’t a difference between the two – at least that I have noticed – so both are solid choices for dining in or stopping by for a drink.

I’ve really enjoyed Misconduct in the past. LOVE their mac-n-cheese, chicken tenders, and especially the fried pickle chips with ranch dipping sauce.

This time, I ordered the turkey burger topped with guacamole and pepper jack cheese. It was delicious! Fries were the perfect side option, since I’m not aiming to be healthy and order a salad with my burger.

My fiancé opted for the nacho burger, which sounds phenomenal on paper. It’s a beef and black bean blend topped with salsa, nachos, and a chipotle cheese blend. I hate to say it (BC I LOVE THIS PLACE) but it was undercooked. Not raw, don’t get me wrong, but when he asks for it to be cooked medium-well and they claim all burgers are “cooked through,” you’d assume you’d be receiving a well-cooked burger. Well, not the case. He ate around it and don’t pity him too much, I treated him to frozen yogurt afterwards Image result for praise emoji

In any case, here’s a pic!

Looked delish, right? Small bummer.

ANYWAYS – I have not given up on Misconduct, this was just a minor road bump. Kind of gives me even more reason to go back to my classic chicken tenders and mac-n-cheese order, which I’m completely fine with.

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Wanderlust Wednesday: Sabrina’s Cafe

“Name your favorite brunch food and I guarantee they have it.”

Philadelphia has yet another showstopper brunch location, and that is Sabrina’s Cafe. Pancakes, waffles, stuffed French toast, burgers, brunch specials, coffee, the list goes on and on. Now.. if you didn’t gather from a previous post of mine, I am a ginormous fan of Green Eggs (see review here). Like, I’ll rave about it until the end of time.

But… Sabrina’s is a huge contender for my #1 spot. This is one of the most outstanding brunch spots in Philly.

 Now, on with it.

I’ve had everything from breakfast food (French toast) to lunch goodies (burgers/sandwiches). Though a small detail, coffee is obviously v important to me on a Sunday morning, and they always provide me with copious amounts of that as well.


I have to say, French toast is a favorite of mine anywhere. In particular, the Stuffed Challah French Toast at Sabrina’s is especially tasty. Layered between two thick slices of French toast is a combination of cream cheese, bananas, and honey. A brunch-goer’s DREAM.


I have also had their Black Angus burger with lettuce, tomato, provolone, and sautéed onions. Cooked to perfection, this burger was enough to feed two people! But obviously, as you can guess, I ate it all. I have to mention it was complimented by some of the best fries around.


My fiancé decided to try the brunch special of three burger sliders, topped with ham and other delightful condiments. I have no doubt he liked it because he also devoured the entire meal and cleaned his plate. We also continue to come back fairly consistently, so…


If you’re in the area, there are five Sabrina’s locations: Italian Market, Art Museum, University City, Wynnewood, and (the only Jersey location) Collingswood. It might also help to note that, at least at Wynnewood, you can call ahead and put your name in! I’m just saying, there’s a reason we are returning customers.

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Wanderlust Wednesday: Devil’s Den

“South Philly sure is good for a delicious night out.”


I keep coming back to the Devil’s Den, and rightfully so. Located at 1148 S. 11th St in South Philly, this bar/restaurant has a lot to offer as far as drinks and American cuisine are concerned. It’s a great spot for Happy Hour, or a casual dinner. Want to catch a basketball/football/any-other-sport-girls-could-care-less-about game? This is the perfect spot. (That was a joke lol).

I have been here multiple times now, though it may be mostly because I live right around the corner, but it never disappoints! I want to take everyone there, my friends, my boyfriend, my parents – overall, this is a great spot for a reliably good dinner. Super friendly waitstaff as well.

Enough about the atmosphere, let’s move onto the good stuff: pictures of mouth-watering food.

I’ve had the pulled pork sandwich about three times now, and I am never let down. Finally, I tried their turkey burger, topped with lettuce, fried tomato, and swiss cheese. The flavors were incredible and my fries paired perfectly along with it. I must also mention their fry dipping sauce is out of this world. I think it’s some sort of aioli.


Back to the pulled pork which has never let me down: my boyfriend tried the pulled pork quesadilla. The pork is mixed with pepper jack cheese, and they provide a side of pico de gallo and sour cream.


Such a great place to eat or stop by for drinks! I am very impressed with this restaurant and will continue to give them my hard-earned cash money. If you’re in the area, I’d recommend you do the same.

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Wanderlust Wednesday: Devil’s Alley

“Just… so delicious. And FAST service.”

Bringing you another foodie article on a go-to Center City Philadelphia restaurant, this time featuring Devil’s Alley! Located at 1907 Chestnut St, it’s an easy walk from Center City. I’d like to add we went on a Tuesday evening around 6:00 pm, and walked right in to be seated. This place had a great atmosphere, killer inside décor, and super friendly staff. The inside felt like you were outside, despite it being the middle of winter. Green all around, potted trees, and garland strung throughout the upper level provided for a cozy, yet casual setting.

We started off the dinner with two ciders, considering they were only THREE DOLLARS for happy hour. Insane, right? So obviously we each ordered one. Then taking a look at the menu, this place has a lot to offer as far as American food is concerned. Great-looking sandwiches, tasty starters, and a variety of burger options. My friend had been there before, and knowing how good it was, she couldn’t stray far from the buffalo chicken sandwich (bleu cheese on the side).


Being a sandwich person myself, it was between the pulled pork and crab cake sandwich. I’m a big fan of asking the waiter’s opinion, regardless of them being biased or not. He informed me the crab cake was his favorite, so crab cake it was! And honestly, I was not disappointed, I’m a proud seafood lover (even though I live in the land of the cheese steaks!). So I ordered the crab cake sandwich, topped with lettuce, tomato, and sriracha aioli sauce.


When it comes to food, I’m not hard to please, but this was delicious. Prices were on point too. Overall, I had a wonderful first experience with Devil’s Alley, and can’t wait to go back!

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Wanderlust Wednesday: Cantina Los Caballitos

“Best margaritas in South Philly.”


As far as I’m concerned, Cantina Los Caballitos has mastered the Mexican cuisine in South Philly. Located at 1651 E. Passyunk Ave, this restaurant offers a bar inside as well as spacious seating, with the opportunity to be seated outside, weather permitted.

To start off, you need a margarita in your hand. If you were me, it would probably be frozen and mango flavored (can’t go wrong). And don’t worry about ordering chips, that and two varieties of salsa will be hand-delivered to your table within minutes. I know it’s tempting, but do your best to not fill up on chips and salsa before your tasty meal arrives.

I ordered the pork carnitas taco, topped with onion and cilantro. I added cheese and sour cream for an additional $1/each. So worth it. My friend ordered the quesadilla de pollo, topped with peppers, corn, and quest fresco. My tacos were incredible, and I could only manage two of them. I saved the third for lunch the following day, and I swear it was even better.

Along with good eats and fabulous margs, Cantina provides a casual and fun atmosphere, perfect for catching a drink/bite to eat after work. Great happy hour too! This is definitely a place to hit if you’re in the neighborhood for a fun outing.

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Wanderlust Wednesday: The Continental Mid-town

Me to the waitress: “Does two appetizers, one dinner entrée, and two desserts sound like enough for two people?”


Continental Mid-town is located at 1801 Chestnut St. in Philadelphia. The portions are plenty, the atmosphere eclectic, and the menu diverse. I truly don’t think anyone would be disappointed trying this food for the first time. Continental is a bi-level restaurant, with the top floor overlooking the bottom. Complete with a mixture of booths and swinging chairs, this place proves to be unique in a city that can seem uniform.

The menu is full of dishes designed to share with your party, hence the reason we had no idea how much was too much while browsing our options. We started out with French onion soup dumplings covered in melted cheese (DELICIOUS). Then we shared a plate full of shoestring fries accompanied by a spicy mustard and cheese steak eggrolls with a sriracha ketchup.

I have to say… the flavors were out of this world! Everything was cooked to perfection and served beautifully. We thought two appetizers and an entrée to split would be enough. Alas, we moved onto desserts individually. I went with the Blond Bombshell, which is a blondie brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped topping, and sprinkled with little candy bites with a drizzle of caramel sauce. My boyfriend chose the cinnamon toast ice cream sandwiches stuffed with cereal milk ice cream, snickerdoodles, and caramel sauce.

Wonderful, delightful place to dine and I am ever-so-thankful for one of my best friends introducing the idea to me.

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Wanderlust Wednesday: Barbuzzo

“This is definitely classier than most, and the price is right!”

Located at 110 South 13th Street

Barbuzzo is a Mediterranean bar and grill which specializes in unique tastes and flavorful dishes. It has quickly turned into our spot for special occasions. First it was my birthday (which, I might add, was New Years Eve with a superb set four-course meal) and the second visit was for our anniversary. Both times were not a letdown. This restaurant serves to impress and is accompanied by incredible waitstaff.


As I previously mentioned, the first time we visited there was a set menu. We started with the sheep’s milk ricotta paired with country-grilled bread, and followed with our individual choices for dinner and then an amazing, absolutely must-try, caramel dessert.

The second time around, we ordered that sheep’s milk ricotta again, and it did not disappoint. I love that they give you more than enough spread to dip your bread. They do not skimp on portions for those of us who come with a big appetite.


On NYE, I had asked our waiter if my main dish (campanelle) was a feature on their usual menu, and he said, “No, not typically.” BUT… little did he know, or maybe the menu changed to incorporate it, campanelle was on the menu as a dinner dish and ya girl here was so. so. stoked.

This is HANDS DOWN the best pasta dish I have ever eaten in my entire life.

Okay, yes, I know. Bold statement. And I am a huge pasta fanatic… anything noodles and believe me I’m there. But I stand by this. The flavors of this dish with tiny veal meatballs and a truffle cream incorporating kale and parmesan are everything a pasta-obsessive person is looking for. Please make sure that when you go, someone at the table orders this.


My boyfriend chose to devour an entire margherita pizza, and I don’t think he thought twice about his choice.


Lastly, we enjoyed one of the greatest desserts Philadelphia has to offer, the salted caramel budino. With a chocolate “cookie-like” crust on the bottom, followed by layered vanilla bean and salted caramel goodness, this dessert will not disappoint you AT ALL.


I was really excited to write this feature and I’m happy I could make it to Barbuzzo twice in a couple months. It will definitely be a place I return to as I don’t think we’ll be able to stay away!img_20170208_183539

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Wanderlust Wednesday: Pizzeria Stella

“This takes the meaning of pizza to the next level.”


Imagine having a front row seat watching pizza chefs toss dough, sprinkle cheese, and swivel a pie around in a wood-fired oven. On a Friday night. My kind of entertainment. Some might think sitting at the “bar” table is a much less glamorous spot than reserving a table just for the two of you, but I think not. If even just to pass the time, watching the pizza gurus at work is highly recommended.

So I tried Pizzeria Stella in Old City, Philadelphia a couple weeks ago. Located at 2nd and Lombard, this wood-fired pizza is an absolute delight for a night out. Don’t come here expecting anything less than a sizzling hot and deliciously-seasoned pie.

The wait was not long, though as I mentioned we did opt for a bar seat (which only meant standing for a few minutes as opposed to a 30-min wait at the door). Once seated, we were quick to order a whole pizza each, considering we wanted to try more than one and leftovers are everyone’s dream. First, we selected the sausage pizza with wood-roasted sausage, a pesto topping, mozzarella cheese and tomato. For our second pie, we chose the brussels sprouts pizza with pancetta, smoked mozzarella and onions. Is your mouth drooling yet?

Then we watched the whole process as each chef took part in their assigned role. First guy would spin the dough until he created the perfect crust. Second guy was the designated “saucer,” then we had a third and fourth guy sharing the role of “toppings.” Then into the fire, though not for long. These pizzas cooked fast.



I mean, the flavor, wow. Watching the process, awesome. And I was happy I could take some home to reheat in the oven! Overall, amazing experience here for the second time, and I will be happy to come back and bring new people.

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Wanderlust Wednesday: Interstate Drafthouse

“Now this is a hidden gem if I’ve seen one.”


I want to do this place justice so I’m putting forth my best efforts to describe Interstate Drafthouse in Fishtown, Philadelphia. Located at 1235 E Palmer St., this draft house has everything you could fathom as far as delicious pub food is concerned. The Google ratings are outstanding, the menu diverse, and let me tell you the pictures do not do it justice. I am writing this article to encourage all in the Philadelphia area to check this place out.

Let’s start with the fried pickles, because this was our first impression of the chef’s capabilities. These fried pickles weren’t your average thinly sliced pickles, they were fat. And v juicy. Accompanied with a side of ranch, I guarantee these will not disappoint. Between two people, we couldn’t finish them all because there would have been no room for dinner!


Now, if you’re also a fan of juicy cheeseburgers, this is your place. I don’t know if you could tell by now, but I have been on a huge cheeseburger kick. Anywhere I go, my eyes gravitate to the burgers/sandwiches on the menu. This burger did not disappoint. It was cooked perfectly and the fries made for a delicious sidekick. Did I mention it’s topped with truffle mayo? Sold.


My boyfriend had the chicken quesadilla and he was thoroughly impressed and satisfied. Normally, I eat more than him, but he was quick to down this quesadilla and most of his side of fries. It appeared to be pulled chicken “seasoned to perfection,” he claimed. This was definitely a win.

“Make sure you include my Villanova tee in the picture.”

So that’s my take on their food! The Interstate Drafthouse is definitely somewhere I will revisit, as I am eager to try the remainder of their menu. The staff is super friendly and willing to accommodate where they can. This bar/restaurant has a very casual vibe, and it wasn’t packed when we went on a Sunday evening. All in all, amazing experience and can’t wait to come back for more!

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